Dharma Ocean Ontario

                              Vast, Awake, Blazing:                                    Exploring the body in the space and stillness of winter.  

                          “Everything that can ever be known by us is already known by our cells, these pools of awareness.”  Reggie Ray


                                                     Dharma Ocean Ontario:  Winter Meditation Retreat 

                                                           Ecology Retreat Centre, Hockley Valley, Ontario

                                                                       Thursday January 25*-28, 2018

                                                                   *option to start on Friday, January 26


                                   How do we connect with this knowledge of our cells, this deep wisdom of the body?

                                         What is the relationship between discipline and freedom, peace and chaos?

                                                How do we unite our meditation practice with our everyday lives? 


                                 Through bodywork practices and sitting meditation, we will explore these questions

                                                  through the knowing that arises from the depth of the soma.


                                                    Suitable for meditators at every stage of the journey

                                                Jessika Daniel (Boulder, Co) and Sara Houstoun (Ontario) will be leading this retreat.                                                                                                           Both are senior students of Reggie Ray and long time practitioners in Dharma Ocean


                                     The retreat is currently full, if you would like to be on the waiting list please email:


                                                                             For more information:  https://goo.gl/RxfCA4